Sega Megadrive EverDrive

Sega Megadrive EverDrive

Sega MegaDrive kompeet + Everdrive 128 gb

Sega MegaDrive kompeet + Everdrive 128 gb

Dreamcast Omgebouwd Ode

€ 249,99

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Kompleet Dreamcast + ODE installed + 128 gb memorykaart.

Dreamcast GDEMU chip is a replacement for memory card based optical drives in DC hosts. Dreamcast CD ROM drives will inevitably wear out and fail (like all mechanical devices), and consoles are no longer manufactured, making it nearly impossible to provide spare parts. 

Complete game compatibility, perfectly runs the original for GDI image and is compatible for CDI image. This for GDEMU optical drive simulation board is suitable for Sega DreamCast VA1 version console (for GDEMU expansion adapter). 

STABLE AND FAST: Optical drive simulation board with 256gb game Storage Card with two heat sinks, effectively improve ventilation and heat dissipation, read memory cards faster and more stable. High and stable performance ensures you enjoy your games. 


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