GameCube ombouw

GameCube ombouw

Nintendo GameCube Omgebouwd

€ 169,99

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Speelt kopie / origineel & speelt de games via SD kaart!

• Disc can load Games for NGC from an SD/Micro-SD card and other homebrew software.
• Load other self-made software (interface for gameboy, memory manager for gc, emulator, etc.)
• The chip can be read directly and quickly, providing excellent gaming performance.
• SD2SP2 adapter has been tested by micro-sd and swiss cards, and the data is fast and reliable.
• Xeno-gc is the driver chip for NGC, which can be directly installed on the optical drive logic board, and the patch code is injected into the drive when it is running.
• This driver chip allows the execution of dvd +/-r/rw media reading and debugging commands. 
• Material: Plastic, Printed Circuit Board
• Diameter of Disc: Approx. 8 cm/3.15 inch
• Disc Version: NTSC/PAL
Package Includes:
• 1x GameCube + Xeno + SD2SP2 Card Adapter + bootdisc
• 1x controller & scartcables & powersupply

Meer informatie

Meer informatie
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