PlayStation 3 omgebouwd (unlocked CFW)

PlayStation 3 omgebouwd (unlocked CFW)

Playstation 3 ombouw / laten ombouwen

Playstation 3 ombouw / laten ombouwen

PlayStation 3 Omgebouwd CustomFirmware EvilNat

€ 129,99

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• Made out of 4.90 OFW (CEX)
• PSN/SEN enabled
• Disabled deletion of unsigned act.dat and .rif files
• Compatibility with FSELF

• Full PS1 Games Compatibility
• Compatibility with PSP in ISO
• Compatibility with ReactPSN
• Patched to remove LV2 Protection
• Peek and Poke (LV2)
• Peek and Poke (LV1)
• Compatibility with OtherOS
• Allowed installing of retail PKG on DEX
• Allowed installing pseudo-retail PKG
• Enabled [★Unlock], [★Lock], and [★Delete] options in Trophies
• Compatibility with Remote Play

  • • Region free BluRay

  • • ISO mounting for BluRay/DVD/PS1/PS2/PS3*

  • • Mounting ISOs and games over network

  • • ISOs can be split and still mounted, to bypass FAT32 4GB file limit on USB

  • • PS1 backup discs work just like retail discs

  • • Launch any PSP ISO using the Cobra PSP Launcher (compatibility is not 100%)*

  • • Launch PS2 ISOs on any console (HDD only, software emulator is not 100% compatible)

  • • Never requires a real disc in drive

  • • Boot Plugins (apps that run in the background on boot)

  • • Dynamic firmware spoofing for mounted backups (apps don’t require updates for every firmware update)


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