Stargate 3ds 2ds ombouw + 128 gigabyte

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Introducing the Stargate 3DS - The newest flashcart for Nintendo 3DS/2DS XL/NEW 3DS.  The Stargate 3DS card is an all in one solution that supports the 3DS, 3DS XL, NEW 3DS XL, 2DS and the 2DS XL systems.  But it also loads and runs files for the DS, GBA, SNES and the NES system, as well as dozens of other classic game systems through the use of 3DS homebrew emulators.  It is the very first card that loads both DS and 3DS files on even the newest 3DS 11.14.0 updated systems.

Updated March 21, 2023.  Full support for the latest 11.16.0 3DS system versions.  All 3DS systems worldwide are supported.

Many have called the Stargate 3DS the successor to the now discontinued Supercard cards.  Much like those cards, the Stargate3DS aims to be an all in one solution.  The biggest upgrade and difference between the Stargate 3DS and the DSTWO cards is that the Stargate 3DS will actually work on even the latest 3DS and 2DS systems.

Just as important, feature wise, is that the Stargate 3ds card can support even the new NTRBoot or MagnetHAX to enable you to run CFW on 11.15.0 and lower systems.  This wide range of features puts the Stargate 3DS well above the Supercard DSTWO, the Gateway 3DS and even the Sky3DS Cards.

Whether you want to load the latest files or kick back and go retro with classic game systems, the Stargate 3DS makes it all possible.  Play your favorite GBA, Snes, NES, TG16, Sega Megadrive / Genesis, Master System, And it does away with having to swap between DS and 3DS Flashcards as it runs and loads both, all in the same card.

Stargate 3DS Features:
* Supports and works on Nintendo 3DS XL (LL)/ NEW 3DS XL (LL) / 2DS / NEW 2DS XL (LL) from any region with any firmware.
* High speed / High-performance ultra-low power SoC cartridge.
* Support 3DS System versions up to 11.16.0 U/E/J/ and more!
* Play 3DS / DS natively and GBA/SNES/NES/other games with the help of emulators.
* Works with NTRBoothax/Magnethax to install CFW on your any console.
* In the DS Mode, you have a GUI Menu
* Simply plug it in and play.  No complicated process for loading or storing files or messing around with difficult steps. Truly a plug in and play solution.
* With firmware, can be updated to support new 3DS updates or to add new functions.

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Meer informatie
Memorycard inclusief 128 gigabyte


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