Gameboy classic + Everdrive 128 gb

Gameboy classic + Everdrive 128 gb

Supercard GBA 2024 microsd + 128 gb

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Supercard 2024 Model ! Feature: 

* Compatible with GBA/SP/GBM/DSi/NDS/NDS Lite. 
* Built-in emulators include emulators for NES, Gameboy, PC Engine, Sega Master System, and Game Gear 
* Support real-time save function. 
* Support for compressing game files (compression option in software) 
* This card only supports FAT/FAT16 file system. That means TF card over 2GB is not supported. 

When using GBA games: 

* L + R + B + SELECT Bring up the live save menu 
* L + R + A + SELECT Bring up the SC NORMAL SAVE menu 
* L + R + START + SELECT reset to main menu 

In order to preserve your GBA game saves, you must reset to the main menu, scroll right to the save menu, find the game file you want to save, press A to bring up the save prompt, and select "Yes" to save to SD. 

Other settings: 

* COMPRESSION SUPPORT: Mini super card can play compressed rom and compress rom when converting.
* CHEAT FUNCTION: Game flash memory card has powerful cheat function and supports various types of cheat codes.
* APPLICABLE OBJECTS: Video games memory card is suitable for GBA, for GBA SP, for SP , for GBM, for IDS, for NDS Lite game consoles.
* FAST LOADING: Game flashcard loads a 64M game in about 5 seconds and supports memory card standard.
* HIGH PERFORMANCE: Burning card supports FAT super card for NDS games, excellent game compatibility. World's first for NDS soft reset function.

Meer informatie

Meer informatie
Memorycard : ja, 128 gb


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