PlayStation 2 omgebouwd + Ode + 128 SD Card

PlayStation 2 omgebouwd + Ode + 128 SD Card

Ps2 Ombouwset ODE 128 Gigabyte

Ps2 Ombouwset ODE 128 Gigabyte

Ps2 Swap Magic 3.8

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Package: 1x dvd + 1x Cd + tool


- Play games / media from other regions on a PAL PS2 console.
- Allows loading of game cheats and homebrew or burned media.
- Includes both DVD and CD version of the boot disc software
- Includes swap tools for all PAL models of PS2
- No opening of the console required for most models.


Bypass the regional lock on a PS2 console with this Swap Magic 3.8 boot disc set with slider tool and magic keys.

The set includes both a CD and DVD version of the software for maximum compatibility, it will allow the use of games and media from other regions to be played on a PAL console that will usually only accept PAL discs. In addition the software will also allow the loading of cheats, homebrew or burned media discs.

Depending on your consoles specific model you will need to use either the slider tool or the magic keys with the Swap Magic boot disc to perform a disc swap and load the disc of your choice.

No internal installation is usually required to use this product, only the latest version PS2 slim may require you to fit a key over an internal switch, all keys except one are fitted externally.


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